Meet Tarsha Phillips

Healer. Entrepreneur. Leader. Powerful.  


Tarsha was anointed at an early age and became reunited with God after suffering through many tragedies and family challenges. Having lost one of her six children, along with taking care of a deaf son, Tarsha had completely turned her life over to God. For the past five years, she’s fully stepped into her ability to inspire, remove all fear and doubt, and help others discover how to put “some prayer on perseverance”. 


Ms. Philips’ businesses are thriving!  Her T-shirt line, “There’s A Blessing” are sold in church bookstores and online with inspirational sayings and different uplifting scriptures. Top sellers include the bedazzled “In Every Lesson There’s a Blessing” 

and “GOD Got His Hands In Everything”. Her catering business has Tasty Tee’s  potato salad actually going into grocery stores located in Chicago. 

Tarsha recently wrote a biblical children’s book that also  has a coloring book that goes with it. To pay homage to her son, she also has American sign language in it. 


Inspired by the desire to help Youth to have safe places to live and play, Tarsha formed All Languages Speak, a nonprofit organization that will be opening up youth centers for the Deaf. All youth are welcome to participate in sports, arts & cultural activities, mini-entrepreneur classes, and peace circles. 


Tarsha’s power comes from her faith in God and what drives her perseverance to succeed is her family. Her children and loved ones bring her joy and remind her about what’s most important in life. “Feeling happy is right now any every day GOD opens your eyes… Be Happy!” Tarsha wants the world to know: Your power is in the Spirit (how you think), the Word (understanding how to  keep GOD first and no matter what happens, I just keep going GOD will work it out..

Tarsha’s is most at peace when she’s able to be still and relax, then have a glass of champagne while listening to music and writing.

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